Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day 229: Hanica have left the building

One of the at-home activities that occupied my nieces (and their Mum from time to time) was the playing of Guitar Hero II. They got pretty good by the end - completing career mode on 'Medium' - a good effort for a week's work in which we spent a lot of time away or out. Their (virtual) band was called 'Hanica' - they will be taking a break from their tour to pursue other activities. It was sad to say goodbye today, but we think they had a good time - we all certainly did.

I managed a kilometre swim again today after two weeks off (except for our visit to the outdoor pool). I bought some goggles last week, and then forgot to take them - something I am sorely regretting now as I look bleary-eyed at the computer screen.

This evening, Exile #2 went out to buy all sorts of back-to-school items for Exile #3's Kindergarten adventure that starts in a week and a half. Hopefully she has interpreted correctly the names for stationery items that did not correlate straightforwardly to ones used either in the UK or in the shop she went to. As for how she will transport all this and the books that she will collect there is still to be determined, suddenly the sight of five-year-olds wheeling along suitcase-sized school bags starts to make sense.
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