Friday, August 24, 2007

Day 226: Splashing around

We spent the whole day today at the town park pool. We got there as it was opening at 11.30 am and stayed until after 4.30 pm. Our recently-arrived friends from the UK came as well as our extended family group so there were lots of hands and eyes to keep up with the children who mostly entertained themselves brilliantly. The weather was about perfect, we sat in the shade with the temperature in the mid 80's. The water felt cold, but was OK once you were in.

This evening we had Japanese take-away and my sister tried sushi for the very first time (hmm a pop pun in the making " - now she's doing sashimi, it's June") . Well, it amuses a couple of you I know.

These are two of my favourite pictures of the waterfalls we saw on our travels (one created with autostitch). Tomorrow is due to be hot, we're aiming to have an outing, but we may end up melting!
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