Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 4.163: Halfway and beyond

I didn't mention it, but yesterday's post was brought to you from a motel room in southern New York State. Today we travelled west into Pennsylvania where we met Dinah the giant cow thanks to a tip-off from which in turn we found following a tip-off from a road-trip expert at work.

A few hours later we pulled off the highway to drive to the outskirts of Halfway MD - also the halfway point in our journey to within about five highway minutes. A few minutes later we were through Maryland and into West Virginia - a first-time state visit for us and one of the places where the highways have 70 mph speed limits.

We're in the south of Virginia tonight near the North Carolina border. It's very much Bible-belt down here - we've seen lots of roadside signs and bumper stickers etc. Funnily enough it feels like hostile territory to this family of moderate British Christians.


  1. years ago N and I (along with about 30 other people on a music tour) stayed for a week or so in Raleigh NC. Very happy memories...

    Have fun


  2. Is this where you're going ???



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