Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 4.152: ...and the ragged tiger

Well, as I mentioned yesterday (in 17 syllables or so), today it was Exile #4's birthday. We had a nice day, opening presents, lunch at P.F. Chang's (something the kids have been keen to do since our back-to-back visits out west). Then we lost the birthday girl for a while to a play-date wearing some of her new clothes.  While she was gone Exile #3 built the Harry Potter Lego game and we played it when she returned. It's a surprising and excellent game - and fun (if challenging) to build into the bargain.

Incidentally, I took the die for the first turn - since it called for the oldest player to start - I was correctly tensed and knew that you needed more than one for it to be 'dice'.  Having said that, don't get excited if, in some kind of reflex reaction you think you've spotted a pop pun, this post doesn't obey the rules at all!

In any case, we should be focusing on the girl of the moment, so here is a picture for the beginning of each of her first seven years:

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  1. Happy (belated) Birthday Exile#4 - I like your hat!



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