Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 4.169: WTWGFWFU

I think it's safe to assume that the Wild Goose Festival, just like its 'parent' festival Greenbelt, will have been many different things to different people.

To some it will have been a job, to some a speaking appointment, to some an opportunity, to some a gig, to some a chance to get away from it all, to some a chance to learn, to some a chance to enjoy live music, for some a chance to meet some of their favourite writers, for some a break from the kids, for some a break from the parents, for many a camping adventure, for some a breath of fresh air, for a few - perhaps - a lot of hot air.

So, what the Wild Goose Festival was for us...

A great kids programme with some real issues - many of the same ones we are facing - coming up in a natural way for them. Already Exile #4 has asked us to see if we can buy her clothes that weren't made using child-labour when she grows out of her current ones and we were talking about the importance of community over dinner tonight.

Some great moments of community with our old friends and some new ones.

Really good talks - Frank Shaeffer and Brian McLaren in particular were fascinating to hear.

Creative and inspiring worship times. The opening and closing ceremonies and the Friday evening 'yarn' ceremony as well as a morning liturgy and the bluegrass liturgy were all great.

Really exciting live music. Alas, we missed most of the final sets each night due to tired kids, but we saw and heard plenty to inspire and enjoy.

Here is my pictorial record (there are brief titles and descriptions for many of them).

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