Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 4.165: Under canvas

Each summer between 1972 and about 1986 our family holiday (vacation) was two weeks camping in France. Usually we would spend one week in each of two different campsites. These trips involved squeezing five people and all our stuff into a modest family car and a long drive interrupted by a ferry crossing. They did not involve putting up a tent because we used large multi-room pre-erected tents. We did however enjoy the rest of the camping experience including occasional severe weather.

So I knew it was possible.

Last night my family of five slept under canvas for the first time. We did fine.

Today has been a classic festival day. It included music, kids art, talks, cooking on a camp fire. It has been great. Hopefully we'll sleep again tonight. I'll post some pictures when I can.


  1. Oh the joys of Eurocamp circa 1981 - a tent with a fridge, a forest, French pizza, thunderstorms, lakes with beaches, and listening to Charles and Di's wedding on the car radio!
    Hope you had fun on your trips too.

  2. We were Canvas Holidays aficionados but, despite the schism, I suspect the experience was very much the same.

  3. I understand why N doesn't like coolboxes. If you want a fridge dear, we'll get you a fridge ;-)


  4. :) In fact now I come to think of it, our early Canvas Holidays visits were always cool-box events. I remember going to buy blocks of ice (not cubes) to put in them - but maybe that was still in the '70s.


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