Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 5.149: Shots, boys and art

Exile #2 was sick this morning - unfortunately with E5N1 off school and our visitors gone, that meant that I had to step in.

I actually got a surprising amount of work done, but I also got some hanging-out time with E5N1. Not that it was altogether pleasant.

When reviewing his immunization history for starting Kindergarten in September, it was noted that he was one behind (it was a Hep-B shot we had declined when he was one day old). Today, he had an appointment at lunchtime to catch up. He was not totally thrilled at the idea.

I offered a special treat to him for afterwards and asked him what he would like. To my great surprise, he asked me to take him swimming at the 'Y' - so that's just what we did. We had the boys' locker room and the training pool to ourselves and we had a great time.

This evening, Exile #2 was rallying and we made a visit to the school for art-night. All the kids had chosen one of their pieces to be displayed. It was really very good.

Here are Exile #4's artwork (top left), Exile #3's collage (bottom left). We also saw this rather excellent photo-collage made of the whole school's pictures - we found Exile #4 as you can see.

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