Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 5.143: Something from the Capital Region

We're on the road in Vermont. We stopped for dinner at a recommended place in Fair Haven, just across the state line. In fact, the place - The Wagon Inn - turned out to be in the tiny but delightful village of Benson.

The little village green outside the inn had a board with the village newsletter on display and another object which came from near home: West Troy NY which is now Watervliet.

So, to keep you occupied while we start our weekend away, I'll set it as a mystery picture challenge. Get guessing and I'll "see" you tomorrow.


  1. I cheated and did a 2-minute web search for West Troy industry and came up with pottery. Is it a big stoneware crock?


  2. Hold on, I just did another minute's search and came up with... a bell?

    Sorry I cheated. Wait, no I'm not! That was a fun treasure hunt!

    - Anne

  3. Hi
    The best suggestion I can come up with, also my first thought, it looks like a bell. Church? ships?.


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