Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 5.160: The surprising history of Bullock Road

One of the back-streets in a rural-ish area of New Scotland in what is probably part of Slingerlands is called Bullock Road. Even when I happened to find myself on it I didn't think much of it, well why should I?

The road is named after a Matthew Bullock rather than after any cattle farm that does or used to adjoin it. Interestingly however, Matthew Bullock's claim to fame is... cattle farming. The historical sign reads, "Matthew Bullock - Introduced English Short Horn Cattle into Albany County about 1815 and won premiums at fairs."

The interesting history doesn't stop there. Further along is another historical sign about a home built in c.1820. However, it was opposite this that I spotted the surprising bit of history:

Apparently Knickerbocker News was around for 30 years but stopped circulating in 1969 (EDIT: or perhaps it was around until 1988!), so a reasonable proportion of the population may remember it, but it's surprising (to me at least) that a plastic newspaper tube has managed to survive that long.


  1. Yes, I do recall the Knick, being of a certain age, though back then in Clifton Park we read the Gazette.

    And... I know the family that now lives in the H-P house, in case you're interested. Salt of the earth! They've done a marvelous job keeping it up, inside and out.

    1. How funny that you know the occupants. It's a striking house and as you say looks very well looked after.

  2. The Knickerbocker News was still around when I was a kid in the 80's- still funny the box is still there but it's probably not QUITE as old as you thought.

    1. That makes a lot more sense. Either that or you're a lot older than you remember!


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