Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 5.152: Graphic novels

We have become a family that reads graphic novels.

I picked up a copy of Akira from the library a few months ago with that 'it's a classic I should probably see what I make of it' feeling.

I enjoyed it enough to find out that it was just the first of six volumes.  I've read five of them now - but the Capital District library system doesn't seem to have volume 6 - aaargh!

Exile #3 brought 'Bone' home from the school library and told Exile #2 she should read it. Now Exile #3 and Exile #4 are hooked, Exile #2 is still waiting to get another chance to read one and even E5N1 is declaring his love for them and borrowing them in the car - despite their being slightly above his reading age at the moment.

It doesn't stop him picking up the form.  Here is his own creation - it starts with the cover with his name on it - and ends, well, with everything/everyone going pop!

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