Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 5.315: Missing lunch

I had a long lunch break today - one that very nearly didn't include eating any lunch.

We had our three parent-teacher conferences virtually back-to-back so it was a rush to get to school, a rush around three classrooms to have very nice chats with three teachers about our three kids and then I rushed back to work.

I did stop briefly for something to eat on the way back.

This isn't it:

That was my lunch at the vegan cafe in Delmar (Loving Cafe) a few weeks ago. For me, a meat-eater-but-happy-not-to with a cow-dairy allergy it was a pretty special treat to be able to order anything on the menu without fear that milk or cheese would have crept in somewhere.

It all tasted very good too (this was from the specials board - a tofu and grilled vegetable sandwich with sweet potato fries).  Exile #2 had some rather good gluten-free spring rolls if I remember correctly.

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