Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 6.003: Running with polar bears

There are two kinds of days that make it hard to write this blog - days when nothing happens and days when lots of things happen. This was one of the latter, so, I'll just tell you about the hour from 6.30am and 7.30am and save the rest for one of the former kind of days!

I went for a run along behind the beach. It was dark when I set off, but there is street-lighting and it's a pedestrians-only pathway so that was fine.

When I arrived at the far end of the beach and discovered the walking/running track (1 km around a small park), the sun was just starting to rise behind our hotel at the other end of the beach.

After a couple more laps of the track I set off back along the beach. There were many more people around by this point, but still manageable for running (unlike the daylight hours). The beach was also filling up - with small groups of men and women in wetsuits. Each group was doing some kind of activity: running, doing jumping jacks, shouting. Then, when each was ready they were getting into the water. With more shouting.

Whether this is a regular Sunday activity, or preparation for the Polar Bear Swimming event next weekend I'm not sure but it was an entertaining way for me to finish my run!

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