Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 5.366: Didn't we do well?

I had another run in the morning - less uncertainty about the route and surprise about the music, so I was able to focus on the running, which felt good. At breakfast I commented that at some point in the last few hours I'd relaxed - stopped worrying about the foreignness of everything and was just getting on with things.

After work today, we told our host that we would find some dinner on our own near the hotel. And so we did.

We ended up at a place with burners in the table and managed with the help of a Google translation of "beef" and some hand gestures, to get some meat to cook and a variety of other dishes (as ever!)

I also managed to put one of my few words of Korean to good use to get some beer!

Later, I used one of my other words to get some bowls of rice (along with some different side dishes and a bowl of crab soup) to finish the meal. We left full, well watered (after I got some more practice with that beer word) and feeling quite pleased with ourselves for having conquered a very Korean experience without adult supervision!

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