Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 6.024: Go Dolphins!

So, we just finished watching the Super Bowl. Actually, we came as close to missing it as we have done in quite a few years - we had made no plans to watch with anyone, so it was going to pass us by, when we heard rumours of a power-outage. Now that sounds like interesting television...!

Anyway, we switched it on, then got sucked into the drama and the will-they won't-they, then the power was restored and we got sucked into the drama and the will-...yeah all that. I love a good fight-back by the underdogs!

Earlier in the day Exile #3 completed painting this model for a school project about the bottlenose dolphin. 

I'm very happy to have it sitting on the desk for a few days until it goes into school. I think she did a great job, even though she insists on calling it "paper m'shay" when we all know the correct term is "pappiay mashay" - the word you choose to make all french-sounding is all important!

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