Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 6.039: Wind chill

We finally managed an outing today - albeit a short one. We had a walk at Five Rivers in the bitter cold and biting wind.

I was dismayed on trying to take my first photo to be told by the camera display that it was unable to oblige due to a "Memory Card Error" - actually it was quite generous as the error in question was leaving the memory card plugged into the computer when leaving the house.

Fortunately, I was able to get some shots with my phone - which is quite competent.  Unfortunately, unlike my real camera it can't be operated with any of my gloves on - I can still feel the burn although thankfully it's in my head now and my hands seem none the worse for their ordeal.

We had a long conversation about why it was OK to have warning signs incorrectly warning of thin ice but not the opposite - E5N1 was convinced they should have replaced "DANGER - THIN ICE" signs with "OK - THICK ICE" ones. Having said that, although there was clearly several inches of ice, we didn't venture onto it.

On the way back, sheltered from the wind with the sun on our backs it was even, briefly, quite pleasant - but we were still pleased to reach the car and get home.

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