Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 6.040: Felt creativity

E5N1 is a very creative child. I don't mean that he is particularly talented (although I think he is!) but that he seems wired to want to create things all the time. Recently, he made himself a huge set of paper props for a Harry Potter game he invented (loosely based on the Lego HP XBox game) - several times I have seen him pull a folded-up cardboard sword out of "Hermione's bag" to destroy a paper locket.

His latest thing is making things from some of Exile #2's felt sheets - she was ready to stop him at one point to save them all from being chopped up, but he has shown some restraint and it is hard to stop him when he's doing such cool stuff. For example, here is "A Phoenix flying off the ground into the sky":

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