Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 6.357: Winter with a side of strange

That's the view outside my apartment this evening, but that car looks like mine did when I came out of work.

It had been snowing all day, but it's bitterly cold (-5°F now, that's -21°C) and windy so the snow is like the little polystyrene balls in old Hollywood movies and is just blowing around. The top of the car is clear - the front has as much snow as it can hold.

In fact we've probably had at least 6 inches - but there's nowhere in the normal outdoors where you could measure it accurately.  I wonder what the morning will bring!

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  1. Hi Exiles :-) Just catching up on the blog after Christmas. Hope you all had a good time. Happy New Year!

    A, N and J


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