Friday, January 31, 2014

Day 7.021: Book of Yum Cooking

Exile #2 stumbled across this recently - one of E5N1's early-morning creative endeavours:

Book of Yum Cooking

Egg pie Recipe
4 eggs
A half cup of raisins
A whole cup of chocolate
A quarter cup of raspberries
And a pie pan
Mix up 2 eggs with chocolate
When you mushed up the chocolate, put it in the pan.
When it is done, put raspberries and eggs on the pie.
Also put the raisins on.

And then, nestled amongst the "Yum Cooking" comes a moment of E5N1 fantasy:

Exile #2 (in E5N1's thought bubble): You can do screen.
E5N1 (out loud): Can I Mom?

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