Sunday, January 12, 2014

Day 7.002: Railways of the UK and (not enough) space

Today was a day of two board games.

The first was played with the family in New York:

Ticket to Ride with the fan-produced and internet-downloaded UK edition board and tickets.

It turned out to be our most competitive (in terms of vying for certain lines) and was enjoyed by all (E5N1 was briefly teamed up with each of his sisters but then disappeared - it turns out for a much-needed nap on his bedroom floor!).

I'm now back in Maine and cracked open my Firefly game.  It's the same one we played with our friends on Day 6.353 - but now I have one of my very own.  It can be played solo, so I started a game a while ago:

It's taking up my entire table even with just me playing.  I've just been attacked by Reavers which is pretty much as bad as it gets so I'm taking a break (until tomorrow) before I find out just how serious the situation is for my crew.

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