Sunday, January 19, 2014

Day 7.009: Sproing-ed

We had quite a busy day - but not one that leaves a lot to write about. I ran 13 miles, we went to church, we went to the store to buy some sproings.

Hang on a minute - to buy what?

Well, that this the name that Exile #2 used to describe the springy things that stop door handles making holes in walls. We were missing a few of them and we're trying to chip away at these odd jobs (rather than the walls) around the house while we wait for someone to fall in love with it.

So, E5N1 and I went for an outing and bought some sproings.

And also one of these for the door that opens against a closet door - preventing the use of a sproing.  It stops the door opening too wide by limiting the travel at the hinge.

We don't have a fun and pithy name for this useful item - do you?


  1. A 'hip-stop' or 'hop-stop'. Sproing is the perfect name, and I shall adopt it's use immediately, although there may be some trade mark issues!...



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