Friday, July 6, 2007

Day 177: All's well

We're in. The girls are asleep in their beds. Exile #2 is going to bed via a feed for E5N1. I'm watching Matrix Revolutions (looks good, makes no sense) on our new TV. The new TV has been one of the struggles of the day. I had ordered one from Tiger Direct's website or so I thought. In fact it turns out that their website is less than it appears - more like writing them a request than actual joined up.e-commerce - when someone looked at my order they noticed that I had taken them up on their offer to ship to an address (here) other than the billing address (Exile Central 0). Anyway far from delivering it today as their website had suggested, the order was on hold. Their website (see the pattern?) said that they would contact me if they needed anything from me, but I called them anyway only to find out in amongst lots of evasion, messing around and good old fashioned lies (estimated delivery date means the day it leaves our site)! That they would only ship to the billing address and that the earliest it could arrive would be next Tuesday. I cancelled the order and we visited a shop. All's well!

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