Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 4.023: Storm waning

In the end, day two of the storm was a little less dramatic than had been billed - the snow quickly transitioning to ice-pellets (sleet in the local vernacular) and so adding a lot of weight to the shovelling without adding any real depth to the ground-cover.  Still it was after lunch before we finished digging ourselves out - the sleet/snow mix combined with the large snow banks made it very heavy work.

In any case, I took the opportunity to combine Lego, my camera and a laptop again to make a movie. Not a stop-motion animation this time, but a time-lapse of the storm impacting our deck, which looks like this (one of these was taken today):

Here is my set-up - the Lego was used to allow me to replace the camera accurately after replacing the batteries (must get mains adapter!).  Once again I used the PK_Tether software.  I took one frame every 3 minutes for about 39 hours:

And this is what I captured - about a foot of snow on top of ten inches of previous cover:

And here is the movie (all 27 seconds of it!):

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