Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 4.035: Having a ball

After our trip to Newark airport on Saturday we took a wrong turn and only narrowly managed to avoid driving over the George Washington Bridge into New York City. Happily after diving off the highway at the last exit on the New Jersey side and then driving around (and around) for a while we found our way back to our secondary destination where the kids had fun...

...while we were busy.

The question is - where were we?

Any idea!?


  1. We had the opposite problem as you may remember. We couldn't find the way into Newark airport after one of our visits to you even though we were just outside. We drove away and then turned back and finally got in!

  2. We had the assistance of turn-by-turn directions on the 'more-difficult' journey to the airport. My over-confidence about the ease of the return journey may have been our downfall.


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