Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 4.045: Robot (in space)

I can't remember exactly how it started but at some point on Saturday I was rifling through boxes in the basement with E5N1 looking for junk-modelling materials. A while later I was sitting on the kitchen floor cutting holes in an oatmeal box on my own while E5N1 was watching a movie with his sisters. He did eventually rejoin me for the decorating part - and was overwhelmingly pleased with the results.

Another local boy - a student at what they would like us to learn to call 'Rensselaer' but is universally known as 'RPI' (I know which is easier to spell) has also helped to design a robot. His contribution was to R2 - a semi-humanoid* robot currently on its way to the International Space Station on-board Space Shuttle Discovey's final mission.

Our robot has legs though - so there!

* Just clarify - it's not half-like a human - it's like half-a-human.

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