Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 4.033: Flying visit

We spent yesterday evening and most of today with an old friend. I have known him since we were 11 and Exile #2 since college days (independently of me). We worked out that it could be about nine years since we saw each other last. Shocking.

A lot has changed in our lives in the intervening years, but we fell into easy conversations on a wide variety of topics from the weather to Egyptian politics to theology.  He has been doing a North American leg on a grand tour as he is between jobs (literally - he works for the Church of England and is on Sabbatical with a new job to go to in a few months). He was kind enough to make his plans fit in a brief visit with us which was great for us all - he was a big hit with the kids (especially E5N1).

We spent the middle part of the day driving him to the airport to get his flight back to Europe for the next leg of his adventure.  We had a bit of an adventure too - almost getting ourselves lost on the way back, but we are home safe and sound and everyone but me is asleep. Amazing how tiring sitting in a car can be!


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