Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 4.046: The tree-bender

I'd planned a day-off work today to spend with the kids on the last day of their February recess. It ended up being another day of significant shovelling.

Yes really.

And not light fluffy snow either - this was the heavy sticky kind.

I also had to pull a nearly-severed branch from a tree - a casualty of the weight of the snow. You can see the effect of the snow on some other trees in this time-lapse I hastily set-up (having missed the first three inches or so) when I woke up to find the predictions of a couple of inches of snow with some sleet and rain had transformed into 8-12 inches of snow.

I love the way the trees seem to be shaking under the weight of it all at the end.


  1. Neat video! I've just started reading your remarkable blog -- starting at the beginning. It is fascinating to see the Capital District through your family's eyes.


  2. Thank you Anne - you just made my day!


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