Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 5.298: Sounds like my sigh...

We went to MiSci this morning - or to give it its full name the Museum of Innovation and Science. We've been there before (see how young the girls were!) - but back then it was called the Schenectady Museum.  Of course, according to my GPS and their URL it still is!

Anyway, besides its many names it is a pretty cool place.  In addition to the permanent collection, they have a large temporary exhibit about optical illusions and such which is there until June but today was ZOOM Into Science which meant many more hands-on exhibits mostly of the simple experiment and paper-craft variety but it certainly meant that the place was buzzing (without being overly crowded).

Pictured, E5N1 meeting Ruff Ruffman, an experiment in perspective, two of the kids in separate person-sized bubbles and an image in mid air.

We spent three hours there including a short planetarium show.  It wasn't cheap at about $50 altogether, but it was great fun for all five of us and in the end only the fact that it was 2:15 pm and we hadn't had lunch managed to persuade us to leave.

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