Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 5.307: E5N1's work page

It seems to me that the main ambitions for Kindergarten are teaching the kids to be good classroom citizens and achieving some basic reading ability.

We have our doubts about E5N1's classroom citizenship achievements (but maybe we'll be surprised). His reading is well ahead of requirements. So, it's a good thing to encourage him to write.

He doesn't need much encouragement if I'm honest, but he can use the practice. The other day he grabbed a sheet of scrap paper and wrote:

Work PAGE:

But what kind of work page was it?  It's OK he made that quite clear:


Of course - what else would be on a five year-old's mind?!*

* The scrap paper was a one-sided print of a page of notes from a UK tax return.  Weird coincidence huh?**

** Yes I'm aware that it almost certainly isn't a coincidence.

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