Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 5.319: American Girls by British girls.

A bit of yard-work, a couple of home maintenance jobs, some family Rock Band, the last two episodes of Doctor Who Series 3...yes we had a pretty quiet day watching the snow fall (but not settle) outside.

I started the day with a 13.1 mile run but the really industrious ones were Exile #3 and Exile #4 who spent the morning working together (wonders will never cease!) on a secret project which was only revealed in the middle of the afternoon after another couple of hours of quiet work.

The poster sized project is made out of lots of sheets of letter-sized printer paper.  The pictures are from the American Girl catalog.  Right now I applaud their industry, creativity and teamwork.  Tomorrow the applause may give way to the whys and what-nows!


  1. Awesome - but for your sakes I hope it's not an illustrated Christmas wish-list...


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