Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 3.175: Freaking out!

Exile #4 is an excellent wildlife spotter - she was the first to see a hummingbird this summer and often points out wildflowers and other items of interest when we are out and about. On Friday evening, she first spotted an interesting 'little moth'. I corrected her - fairly sure it was a butterfly. As you can see here: boy was I wrong (thanks BugGuide!)

A few minutes later she spied this tiny spider and was rather distressed by it. Her expression is a recreation achieved by waving the picture on the camera at her before turning it around and snapping her horror-filled look.

The rest of us are freaking out a bit too - about leaving soon and the amount of stuff we have to do - especially as a lot of it is only partially in our control.

P.S. Unlike last year, we did not venture out to see them and so Exile #2 and I watched the Albany fireworks for 4th of July on TV tonight.  They played the National Anthem two or three times on the accompanying rousing brass-band soundtrack.  The surprising thing is that it was the British one - very even handed of them. Probably (you may need to click on that link!)

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