Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 3.202: Jet-lag and the young photographer

We have travelled across the country to visit Exile #2's family and some friends from our life before the life before The Exile.

After a fairly lousy journey and a slightly sleepy afternoon, we shook a leg and walked a mile or so to go out for dinner - which was great.

Later, while Exile #2 was reading Harry Potter to the girls, I was 'supervising' E5N1 who decided to further his photography skills. This is an insight into his world:

I think the kids have finally all settled down - after they had all rebelled against sleep - and now I am just waking up!


  1. the bags under your eyes are so big it's lucky they didn't charge you for extra luggage on the plane :-)

  2. Fortunately for me, the worst of them were yet to develop while I was being assessed for cabin-baggage. I will have to watch them for the way home I suspect since there is little sign of them diminishing so far - and I don't want to be asked to place them under the seat in front of me.


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