Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 3.186: Pillow talk

Although some may visit SPAC for music concerts or ballet, or venture east to Tanglewood for some musical culture, for us summertime arts are all about Jacob's Pillow. Last year we saw Romeo and Juliet reimagined to the music of Radiohead and a piece describing the experience of having a stroke. This year a piece entitled "Three Theories" caught our eye - a dance based on a book by theoretical physicist Brian Greene. It contains four movements based around the big bang, relativity, quantum mechanics and string theory respectively. We went this evening and it was wonderful.

If you can only watch one short clip, make it this one of an astonishingly powerful duet during the quantum mechanics section.

Another quantum mechanics clip here.

And for a taste of relativity, try this one:

Finally, you can catch a bit of string theory followed by some more highlights of the rest in this one.

It you prefer still pictures - there are some stunning ones at the dance company's website.

It was astonishingly powerful and beautiful and we had seats in the middle block in Row G - which, for future reference, is probably just about perfect!

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