Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 3.196: Poestenkill Gorge (again)

These two pairs of pictures show our visit to Poestenkill Gorge Park in Troy yesterday with my visit there back on Day 21 (I posted pictures on Day 22 and Day 42).  In fact, when Exile #2 suggested the park as a second destination for our outing yesterday, I had no idea I had been there before.  Only when we arrived did I remember my previous visit in search of the interaction of fast-flowing water and harsh winter weather three weeks after our arrival here in January 2007.

The park is small and potentially rather lovely - although a little run-down in places and rather spoiled by litter.  Nevertheless, the waterfall is dramatic and there is the right amount of danger involved in crossing the dam, circumnavigating the pool and then climbing up a cliff, paddling through a hole and then emerging part way up where it is possible to cross the falls.  In the end only Exile #3 did this last part - you can see a couple attempting the crossing above (what good the rope that the guy had tied around his girlfriend's waist was meant to do was never made clear) - but we all made it up onto the falls where the group picture made it all seem rather unimpressive!

It was rather hot and very humid and it felt like a long way, back through the tunnel, down the cliff, around the pool, over the dam, up the path and then up the long grass bank to the car (and air-conditioning).

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  1. i can see that on the posters: "potentially rather lovely"

    you should make a t-shirt.


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