Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 4.244: Ladder may be wet after rain

This morning we had a fairly exciting traversal of the Indian Ladder Trail at Thacher Park.

There was plenty of water coming over the waterfalls - especially the second (more northerly) one where we got rather wet despite avoiding as much water as we could. It was also refreshingly bug-free compared with earlier visits.

Also pictured: Exile #3 finding her newly acquired height has its disadvantages and the kids on a rock that E5N1 pointed out looks like a shark's head.

Afterwards, we saw the stream that forms that second waterfall at the top of the cliffs. High waters (presumably following Irene's visit to the area) had washed out the bridge. You can see where the bridge should go to the right of the main picture below, with the view of the drop-off and the re-wedged bridge below.

There was more water damage in evidence near the Paint Mine parking lot. The trails behind where we have often walked before are completely closed presumably also to do with the effect of the recent rains.

It was a fitting reminder of the excitement we missed during our UK visit.

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