Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 4.258: Roller disco dreams

If you like that kind of thing, you can find the soundtrack for this post here.

The last time I had a pair of roller-skates on was as a teenager at the roller disco. It took place in a wooden-floored gym at the local leisure centre.  It was all about spending time with girls, but as far as I recall I did manage to stay upright on eight small wheels. As I discovered when I stood up having laced my skates at Guptill's Arena this afternoon - that was quite some time ago.

I did eventually manage to reacquire some of my old skills. Both the girls were quickly quite competent and Exile #4 in particular had a fantastic time - she's been practicing around the house for at least a year, but this was her first chance to let loose.  Exile #2 kindly spent much of her time holding a very wobbly first-time-on-wheels E5N1 up. It did mean we never really found out what she was capable of!

The arena is great. It was a lot busier than my long-exposure makes it look in the wide shot above, but definitely comfortably so. E5N1 referred to it as a party because of the music and lights. It was certainly a fun way to spend an hour or more this afternoon.

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