Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 4.257: Apples, sauce

We had a fun trip to Indian Ladder Farms this morning.  Apple picking was our main aim - and we were not short of opportunities.  We picked four different varieties.  Exile #4 - sporting her new t-shirt - preferred the softer-fleshed Macintosh for their wobbly-teeth friendliness, but everyone else plumped for the crunchier varieties - Empire, Macoun and Jonagold.

It was very warm, humid and buggy in the orchard.  Somehow that did not feel right we felt that we should have been wrapped up in warm sweaters and craving hot chocolate or hot cider.  There will be time for a more autumnal apple picking trip in a few weeks time I suspect.

Afterwards we visited the farm itself where the girls fed the animals and E5N1 played on the playground, at one point engaging another boy in 'repairing' the ancient tractor which is half-submerged in the sand-box.

We left with a large bag of apples along with a small bag of cider donuts and some (cold) cider which we sampled at lunchtime.  Some hot weather may still be with us, but fall has arrived.

P.S. Did you spot the impostor shot in the top collage?  No, there's just one of them!


  1. you get nothing in this game for a pear

  2. I seem to remember that your 'cider' might not be what I think of as 'cider', but can't work out how to search the tags to find the relevant post. Is my memory serving me correctly, or have I had too much cider?


  3. Straight to the top of the tree for dave.

    A, I believe this is the footnote you were looking for.


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