Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 4.248: Schooled!

It was back to school today - for me!

The school open house is a chance to meet the teachers (very briefly), learn about discipline and homework and other useful stuff directly from them and to sign up for a parent/teacher conference later in the year.

There's also some work to see:

A chance to sit a very small desk and work to do. In Exile #3's case I had to find her desk from her favourite things and her self-portrait.

In Exile #4's classroom I had a scavenger hunt to find a red heart with some of her favourite things and her birthday cupcake. I was mystified, but eventually found a paper cupcake cut-out on the wall with her name and birth-month! I also had to write notes to both of them. Pressure! Imagine being forced to write something on cue...oh yes I do that to myself every day.

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