Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 5.048: Water, water, water...

When I was young I made something of a habit of falling in water.  On at least one occasion this happened on a cold day several miles from the car.

So I had some concerns when I found out that the girls were having a conversation as we walked on Saturday about what we would do if E5N1 fell in the pond.  Maybe it was this that caused me to divert up the new, long and dry trail into the woods away from the pond.  Of course, if it was that, I must have forgotten that the trail ends at (or crosses) a stream at a shallow (and rather attractive) bend.

I should have had further concerns when I saw the look of glee on his face and watched him attempting the stepping stones.

He didn't fall.  Not until a few minutes later anyway.  Fortunately the shallow water only managed to get him wet and not soak him to the skin.

Water does hold a fascination though.  For instance, this that we saw when we were at the side of the thinly iced-over pond.


I thought it was fairly eerie before I added the music.

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