Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 6.176: Dinner and a bounce

We said goodbye to my sister and family this morning and travelled first to Birmingham to meet a friend of Exile #2 who is a year and a half on from moving from the Capital Region to the UK - fascinating to hear the reverse of our story playing out in many ways.

From there it was down to Oxfordshire where we are staying with Exile #2's parents. Her brother and his wife are here too and we all went to a local pub for dinner.

E5N1 was excited to find a bouncy-castle (as they call them over here!) and enthusiastically threw himself around whenever someone was willing to accompany him. Eventually, while we were hanging around after the group photo, the girls were inspired to join him.

Not something I'd be tempted to do after a big meal, but they didn't seem to suffer any ill-effects!

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