Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 6.181: House and home

We went with the kids and Exile #2's parents to visit Oxford today.  Just like London, we'd never taken the children into Oxford to see the place where we met.

We started with an early-lunch picnic and a short boat trip down the river - once again, apart from a stronger breeze, the weather was perfect.  We walked past the church where we got married nearly 19 years ago (picture in top left includes the new entrance - not there in those days).

From there we headed into Exile #2's college - Christ Church - I think she quite enjoyed taking us past the "no visitors" sign.  The four pictures along the bottom are E5N1 sticking his tongue out, the "Harry Potter staircase" and two pictures inside the cathedral (which serves as the college chapel for those who slum it there!).  The cathedral was a surprise hit thanks to a kids treasure hunt which managed to be interesting to all three of the children - no mean achievement these days.

After that we walked through the city to my old college to round off the visit.  It was strange that the new building of which I was one of the first occupants in my third year is now 22 years old!

Another successful trip to round off our time in Oxfordshire for this year.


  1. I was awake enough at the end of "The Vicar of Dibley" last night to catch a reference to the cathedral in the closing credits. From Wikipedia:
    "The theme music was a setting of Psalm 23 composed by Howard Goodall and was performed by the choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford with George Humphreys singing the solo."

    1. Nice - if I'd known I could have given a blast of it in the chancel when we were there. Or not.


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