Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 6.201: Running update May to July

Here's a picture from this morning's run:

(just because I thought it looked nice!)

My last update ended with my pleasure at hitting 70 miles for April. Since then things have gone pretty well.

Here is my month-by-month total mileage graph from July 2011 to July 2013 - the 70 miles in April 2013 looks quite modest  now!

This month I just hit 200 miles, but even May and June were over 150 miles each. I'm feeling healthy and strong with my running this summer - hopefully I can keep that going through to the marathon in October. The only thing going against me at the moment is that I'm a few pounds heavier than this time last year (though still below my weight-loss target) . Happily, my weight seems to be slowly responding to all this work - we will see if it continues in the right direction.


  1. If you were a car, you'd probably be due for an oil change soon!!! :-)

    1. "Lifetime" totals (since July 2011) are:
      2,220 miles
      328 hours
      243,000 calories

      Maybe not an oil-change yet, but I'm ready for a (beer) refill!


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