Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 6.198: Oasis family fun: then and now

I was up early for a long run. It was a beautiful morning - the temperatures were only in the low 50's when I set out and the sun was just coming up. 18 miles later it was still nice - although warming up significantly.

After breakfast, we were keen to spend some time outside, but a hike was not really on my list, so we decided to try the mini golf at Oasis Family Fun Park in Troy. We'd been there once before, but that was in 2009 - before the kids were at an age where they could focus on an activity like that for very long. The photographic record shows that we did try - as well as that I really did sit in a tiny kid's size paddle boat because two year old E5N1 was feeling left out:

Today, despite the rapidly rising temperatures and gradually diminishing patience, we had an excellent time - playing all 18 holes with five balls:

We all had a few good shots and a few fun moments to mix in with the abject failures - so everything you can hope for in a round of mini golf then!

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