Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 6.192: Did you see da waxwings?

Yesterday evening it finally seemed cool enough to want to get out of the house for a purpose other than going into an air conditioned space or a swimming pool.

Exile #3 was out at a backyard camp-out birthday party so the rest of us went for a short early evening visit to Five Rivers. We weren't the only ones enjoying being out-and-about.

We saw two or three other family groups of humans, but also these two death-wish frogs:

The top one was in the middle of the road when I almost stepped on it while I was running with E5N1.  The other one suddenly moved what felt like right under my foot as I walked on a footpath.

We saw some more-sensibly-located animals too.

How about that for a guilty look, some perfectly posed cedar waxwings and a chilling frog?

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