Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 6.185: Can you name what I saw?

I went for a long run this morning (17 miles). One of the nice things about a long run like that is that I get to go somewhere and see some interesting things (sometimes at least). Today I saw these and I thought I'd give you the chance to identify them and feel clever...

Of course some - those with local knowledge especially - will know the answers. Please show off without giving the answer away!

We said goodbye to my sister and family after lunch today.  Tomorrow we have our last two visits and then we will be on our way home - amazing how fast this nearly three-week visit has gone!


  1. I'd say there's 10,257 of those stripes.

    1. I think you may be right (although I didn't count them myself!)

  2. The other item is an aid to public transport set in part on a previous public transport base.


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