Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 5.284: Running away

Pictures of E5N1 or the other kids running into the distance are not uncommon. In general, running on ahead is highly preferable to dragging their heels behind so it's often the sign of a happy walk.

Less so today.

On one occasion (not the one pictured) E5N1 ran off - back the way we'd come. We waited, planning to go on, sure he would return. He didn't. Exile #3 offered to go and find him but we reluctantly decided we'd better all go back.

We didn't find him.  We ended up splitting up into three groups and taking different paths.  Still nothing.  I left Exile #3 waiting at the car in case he made it back there and ran back along the trail just in time to see Exile #2 (and Exile #4) being reunited with him.  He'd eventually found his way back on to the 'correct' trail where we had been waiting for him originally and a couple had found him there and started back along the trail with him.

His reaction on seeing his mom revealed that he'd probably had a bit of a scare (although, I suspect, less than that of his parents) so hopefully it will be a learning experience!

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  1. That must have been scary. Glad everyone was ok



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