Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 5.294: Doctor...?

So, with Halloween basically upon us, here are the much-hyped pumpkin designs revealed on location and just before the first two were installed.

If you're still wondering about the third one and give up you can click here. It's from my favourite episode of Season 1 of the modern era of Doctor Who (the Cardiff era perhaps?) - also the one that gave Exile #4 nightmares - so it's appropriate for Halloween. Also a Dalek - probably the Doctor's nightmare and the TARDIS - which is perhaps one of theirs?


  1. I'll channel my 16-year-old fangirl daughter for a moment and say,
    "OMG! What do Daleks see when they dream?!!!!"

    1. Presumably their dreams are not about either flying or finding themselves at work naked!


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