Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 5.290: Which witch?

It was the school Halloween party this evening.  An event we've missed the last couple of years.  Here are the three of them ready to go as their favourite Harry Potter characters.

The party comprises a bake-sale, a disco, some craft activities and the main-event an impressive haunted house (well, more haunted hallway - but it's unrecognisable even to those of us who have often walked along it.)

As a 5th Grader, Exile #3 did a shift inside the 'house' scaring the younger kids.  These are Exile #4's photos inside:

Exile #2 did a long shift supervising a craft table and I trailed around after E5N1 most of the evening.  Not our best ever night out perhaps, but the kids all seemed to have a lot of fun.


  1. hah. i recognise a couple of those ties ... Not that i ever had a red one

    1. I seem to remember that the entire Upper Sixth was 'promoted' to monitor status in my year. Maybe the uniform stockist needed a boost in tie sales?!

  2. And whoever knew college gowns would come in so handy year after year? I see yours had an outing last night. Meanwhile our Girl was wearing a (slightly doctored)one as a ninja tunic...

    1. Yes indeed - although you might note that mine is 'commoner' than Exile #2's :)


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