Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 5.292: The fall before the storm

It was a perfect weekend for raking and piling...

At lunchtime, E5N1 was out at a birthday party with a Halloween theme - he chose to wear this spider costume.  Later we walked to the library through the crunchy leaves at the sides of the roads.  When we got back he disappeared into the large (but not quite even his shoulder-height) piles at the edge of our front yard.

Our own piles were not added to much this weekend however - I couldn't really bring myself to spend much time piling leaves up only for them to be blown everywhere by Hurricane Sandy when she (hopefully only) grazes us over the next couple of days.  We are expecting nothing worse than a couple of inches of rain and some strong winds, but not far away friends are preparing for much worse.  By this time tomorrow we'll know much more.

Day two of the E5N1 pumpkin game on the facebook page.  I think today's "clue" will give it away to many!

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