Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 4.195: Paper...phew!

I doubt if anyone is going to part with good money to watch this special event.  Fortunately I'm bringing it to you for free!

A few weeks ago we decided it was finally time to redecorate the dining room. As we prepared to get started it looked like this:

We were reasonably confident that we would be able to strip the wallpaper and paint in a reasonably short length of time.

Of course we hadn't reckoned on this happening as we tried to remove the well-glued wallpaper from the wall-made-of-paper:

Yes, the brown patches are where the paper on the drywall panels peeled away with the wallpaper on half of one wall (and in a few other patches) resulting in some anguish, fevered web searches and some cursing of American building methods.

Fortunately, after finishing the stripping and applying a coat of primer I discovered that I am a dab-hand with joint-compound (a.k.a. mud) and the goes-on-pink dries-white stuff that I chose was a big hit with the kids - it looks quite striking - especially in the tub.

We finished the painting last night and this morning we put the room back together.

Time for a contented sigh of relief.

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