Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 4.191: High voltage

Three Americans and three British men walk into a bar...

A former colleague was in town today because he's over for the closing on his house which he left to return to the UK recently. We had a very convivial lunch at Brown's in Troy after which he asked if anyone wanted some 110 to 220V step-up transformers to save them from an untimely trip to the land-fill. We brought very few electrical items with us but I had one that I had recently been itching to use again so I jumped at the shock of being offered such a currently desirable item.

So this evening I've been enjoying acquainting my old MIDI synthesizer with my new MIDI controller (Rock Band Pro Guitar controller) and making an unholy racket.

...and one of the Brits ends up several step-up transformers richer.

Not much of a punchline is it? Feel free to offer a better one!


  1. Now of course, you can direct the action with the push of a button, You're a transformer man...


  2. Sooner or later you'll have to see the cause and effect.


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